Delux Solar Oven / Dehydrator


The Solar Oven is easy, safe, fun and portable. Essential for Emergencies and a healthier way of cooking too! Save money on fuel or power by cooking with the sun!



The Delux Solar Oven /Dehydrator is the best value and most versatile solar cooker you can get.

It can easily Cook meals, bake recipes, dehydrate fruit, sundry herbs and sterilise water and equipment.

You can even do craft making such as clay modeling and candle making.

Safe for kids too as the temperature remains cool on the outside.


Your kit includes everything you need;
1 Solar Oven
1 Carry bag
1 Food safety coded thermometer
2 Clever collapsible Silicone pots
1 WAPI (water pasteurisation indicator)
2 Heat conducting/baking trays
2 Cooking racks
1 Porcelyn coated, black cooking pot

(All fits snug into the bag, other than the enamel roasting dish.)

Solar cooking is fast becoming known. Multi-use, portable and the best value solar cooker you can get! Sold in 24 countries worldwide and endorsed by many environment centres and emergency preparedness groups.

A really convenient way to make delicious food.

Comparable to a slow cooker or electric dehydrator which needs to be plugged in all day. The Solar Oven will do the same job, it’s been quoted many times to ‘give a much better result’.


  • Easy, Safe, Fun and Portable
  • Essential for Emergencies and a Healthier way of cooking too!
  • Portable, Eco-Friendly, Easy cooking solution
  • Safe to leave unattended
  • In New Zealand it sits at around 80c -110c or more during a sunny day depending on the season -a great slow cooker temperature which is hot enough to cook a whole chicken beautifully in just 3 hours!
  • Can dehydrate -simply unzip the cover
  • No Gas/open flame -food will never burn
  • Save on electricity costs at home
  • Cook in case of disaster or lack of power
  • Simply add your food into the special pots, along with the cookware which accompanies your kit and face your oven to the sun!