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NZ Survivor 2 Person 3 Day Pack

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Detailed Description

This kit has the most essential items required for 2 people. It contains many vital components and  comes packed into a back pack so that it is easily carried if required.

This kit not only has safety items, but contains food and first aid equipment, it also has a variety of tools to help you prepare at short notice or cope with an emergency situation.

This product is a must have exclusive item from NZ Survivor!

To guess is cheap, to get it wrong is expensive...

Survival Kit containing gear for 2 people for 3 days.


Quality, durable backpack

Palm Torch - no batteries required ever! 5 pumps lasts over an hour of bright light.

Torch, radio, siren and cell-charger - no batteries required ever! This torch is made with a quality slow-release battery and can be charged with a USB charger to ensure it is ready when you need it. The NZ Survivor Torch Radio can be used to charge your smart phone or tablet.

2 x Food Rations – 1 person 3 day food rations, up to 5 years shelf life

Water Purification Tablets -  50's 

2 x NZ Survivor Emergency Blanket

2 x NZ Survivor Emergency Poncho

2 x packets of waterproof matches

4 x P2 quality dust masks

Quality leather gloves

2 x 12 hr light sticks

1 plastic drink bottle

2 x black rubbish bags

2 x eztowels - tube of 10

Survival Whistle

Multi tool features; knife, corkscrew, can opener, small saw, scale and hook remover tool, scissors, hole punch, nail file, Phillips and blade screwdriver

Personal Hand Sanitiser

First Aid Kit, containing;

Triangle Bandage

Crepe Bandage 5cm

First Aid Tips


3 Antiseptic wipes

CPR Face shield

Examination Gloves pair

Eye Pad Single

Combine Dressing 9x10cm

Fabric plasters pack assorted 12s

Fabric plasters pack 25s

Fabric plaster 1m Dressing Strip