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120-serve Mains Prepper Pack

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Detailed Description

120-Serve Mains Prepper Packs are the perfect way to ensure your family has food come what may. This is real food, real meals which can be prepared in minutes just by adding boiling water.

All of our long-term storage lunch and dinner meals are healthy, vegetarian-based.

As for all the Prepper Packs, these mains have an extended shelf life of up to 25 years which eliminates waste and need for rotation.

The kits come sealed in a light-weight rodent-proof plastic bucket which can be used for other purposes in an emergency situation.

These buckets provide a cost-effective, dependable and completely reliable choice for both emergency food supply and outdoor needs.


(120 servings)
  Cheesy Lasagna   12 servings
  Ala King and Rice   12 servings
  Pasta Alfredo   12 servings
  Chili Macaroni   12 servings
  Savoury Stroganoff   12 servings
  Creamy Pasta & Vege Rotini   12 servings
  Cheesy Macaroni   12 servings
  Hearty Tortilla Soup   12 servings
  Teriyaki and Rice   12 servings
  Tomato Basil Soup   12 servings


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