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Earthquake & Disaster Cleaning Solution - 250mls Click on image to view full size

Earthquake & Disaster Cleaning Solution - 250mls

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After an emergency you may find yourself without the use of your sewerage system for some time. NZ Survivor's Earthquake & Disaster cleaning solution can be used to set up an emergency toilet.

Add 100mls to a 10 litre bucket of water for long-drop use. Put a lid on the bucket and put it next to your long drop. When finished your "business" in long drop, put a cup of mixed water in the hole.  It will break down matter, kill odours and won't affect the soil. (250mls of solution can be used for 100 toilet stops!)

Because it is Non-toxic and Biodegradable, it provides an Environmentally Friendly solution perfect for long-drops and emergency toilets.

This cleaning solution is Non Flammable and has an Unlimited Shelf-life.

Add 100mls of this solution to 1 litre of water to use for General Cleaning;

-Hands and Body

-Kitchen and bathroom surfaces


 It works with any type of water, e.g. rain, salt, bore etc.

Active ingredients: Surfactant & Hyper-Wetting Agents.

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