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NZ Survivor Solar Oven

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Detailed Description

Sunflair Solar Oven.

Cook during a power outage!!

Huge advantage - this oven pays for itself and some with no need for gas, coal, wood or


Easy and Safe to use!

To see the NZ Survivor Sunflair Solar Oven in action click here.


• Free energy, no wood, propane, charcoal, gas or electricity,

• Doesn’t heat up the home, requiring additional energy to cool it back down.


• No thermal conductivity.

• Outside remains at ambient temperature

• No sparks, open flames, gas lines, or propane bottles


• No charcoal carcinogens

• Nutrients cooked into food instead of being boiled or steamed away


• Weighs about 1.5kgs

• Folds down to the size of a seat cushion

• Take it camping, hunting, fishing, boating, picnics. Take it anywhere!!


• Can be used in areas where open flames are

banned - National parks & forests, beaches, high fire danger or drought areas


• No fossil fuels

• No deforestation

• Pollutant free renewable energy

• No non-recyclable gas canisters


• Slow cookers are time savers as there is no need to attend the food, you can simply

leave it to cook for a flexible amount of time.


• Food will never burn


• Cook during a power outage

• Pasteurise water

• Essential part of any bug-out bag


• Craft making uses such as melting wax for candle making.

All components in the complete Sunflair oven kit have been specially designed to ensure

the Sunflair works to its full potential.

Everything you need in one light & portable bag, boil and pasteurise water, cook bread,

cookies, stews, eggs, emergency food, anything a conventional oven can, and the food

tastes better as the nutrients are locked in the enclosed black pots.

This fun, fantastic, new, specially insulated oven reaches temperatures of up to 120°C or

more. Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance, you’ll be amazed how it works!

Comparable to kitchen slow cookers that range between 80 – 150° C, and a stovetop that

reaches 100° C (boiling) with simmering at 93° C (water pasteurises at just 65°C).

Slow cooker, Dutch oven recipes adapt perfectly well with these solar ovens. A UV index

of 4+ is best for solar cooking; during a New Zealand summer we can get up to UV 9!

This kit: Folds to 2″ x 15.5″ x 19″


1 solar oven,

1 carry bag,

2 silicone pots (which collapse down to 2cm for portability and easy storage),

1 rack,

1 heat conducting/baking tray,

1 special solar oven thermometer, (specially colour coded for food safety temperatures)

1 WAPI (reusable water pasteurisation indicator).

The innovative silicone pots collapse down to 2 cm.

Pots are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

The Deluxe Solar oven kit comes with all of the above and an extra heat conducting/

baking tray, extra rack and a 3lbs roasting pot.

Roasting pot:

Cook family-size meals in this durable graniteware pot. Cook a whole 3lbs chicken!!

The 3lb (1.36 kilo) roaster is chosen for its flexible use. It cooks everything from a whole

chicken, casserole-like dishes, vegetables, soups and stews to desserts and breads.

Dishwasher safe. Non-stick porcelain surface.