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Workbased Fire Warden and Fire Safety Training

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Workbased Fire Warden Training

NZQA Unit Standard  18408

US 18408: Demonstrate Knowledge of Fire and Emergency Warden

Duties in the Workplace

• Site Specific Evacuation Requirements

• Evacuation Plans

• Evacuation Schemes

• Resources for Safe Evacuation

• Reporting Procedures

• Liaising with Fire Service and other Emergency Service Providers


Workbased Fire Safety Training

NZQA Unit Standard  3271

US 3271: Suppress Fire with Hand Extinguishers and Fixed Hose Reels

• Knowledge of Fire Classes

• Fire Suppression Techniques

• Cooling

• Smothering

• Removal of Fuel

• Extinguisher Types

• Fire Blanket Use and Limitations

• Strategy for Dealing with Fire


DURATION 8 hours class time



• A room with enough chairs for the group, set up in "U" shape,

(minimum empty floor space required is 2 m x 1.5 m)

• Clean floor area or mat for practising drills

• Optional: whiteboard, tables

• Outdoor area suitable for practical Fire Training (eg. carpark)

• All other equipment will be supplied



• Course content will be tailored for relevance to each group*

• Accelerated learning techniques suited to individual learning styles and abilities

• Interactive "hands on" activities